The Simple Story.

‘a brief history’

less is more.

Every project undertaken by the company is extensively researched and carefully planned for both local integration and international expansion.


The founder of Mo Grp initially established the business in Australia providing a variety of services locally and internationally within the design and IT industries.

Services provided by the company included:

IT, web development, corporate branding, graphic design, animation, multimedia, advertising, marketing, plus a number of small design and architectural projects.


Business operations were relocated to Vilnius – Lithuania, while continuing to provide IT and multimedia services internationally, encompassing Australia, USA, Europe and the Baltic States.


Research begins in preparation for a new and innovative future for the company in Eastern Europe.

take the path less traveled.

A variety of long term and unique project opportunities were foreseen that could serve Ukraine and its large population with substantial benefits, introducing professional services with extensive international knowledge and expertise.


Mo Grp is established in Ukraine for the purposes of introducing a variety of new, unique and independent projects not yet provided within Ukraine.

The company strives for the highest standards and exceptional quality with all projects undertaken, with a strong focus on simplicity and professionalism in meeting international service expectations.


Extensive research and development continued throughout the year with many new and innovative ‘mo‘ projects targeting a diverse range of industries.

The company is developing projects for introduction within the following industries:

IT services, business information, real estate, employment, automotive, travel, food and beverage, agriculture and natural resources, energy, banking, education, plus three substantial architecture and infrastructure developments.


With up to thirty innovative projects in development for 2017, the future of the company is definitely exciting and gaining momentum.


Development continues with a number of projects targeting specific industries encompassing:

IT – information and online services (inc 4G/5G warnings and Government/Tax transparency), energy (inc revolutionary new battery technology), sustainable modular agricultural systems, plus premium food production and sales.

What’s in a name?

To satisfy any curiosity about the company name, ‘Mo Grp‘ is short for ‘Mo Group‘ whereby ‘mo‘ is an abbreviation of more‘, ‘motivation‘ and/or ‘modus operandi‘ from the latin phrase.

By definition:

  • a greater quantity, amount, or degree;
  • something of greater importance.
  • the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way;
  • the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.
modus operandi.
  • a particular way or method of doing something, esp. one that is characteristic or well-established;
  • the way something operates or works.