incubator X

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Our Research.

With extensive research undertaken surrounding the latest craze of ‘coworking’ spaces, hubs, labs, incubators, accelerators (and any other name for such a space), many promises are proposed via promotions, slogans or taglines, advertising, marketing, and increasingly ‘hype’.

As we’ve discovered, many of these spaces promise a lot, but deliver less. In addition to this, a substantial number of these spaces promote a ‘community’ atmosphere but also fail to deliver on this key important aspect.

Our research and first hand experience within such spaces has resulted in a deeper investigation into this recent coworking and hub phenomena.

Some spaces promote shared services and faster startup success. Others just a space to work. But all this comes at a cost, on many levels. With an emphasis on fast, quality and professionalism is often overlooked when the primary focus is on quick implementation, money and profits.

Is this really the recipe for business success?

At Mo Grp we think not!

What is different about Incubator X?

Our goal at Mo Grp and Incubator X is substantially different to other spaces we’ve discovered.

With an original concept currently in development, not found in any country to date. This includes USA, Europe and Australia (as our research suggests).

Our mission isn’t primarily money. Breaking away from the traditional teachings and views of what makes a business successful.

We aim to reduce the business startup failure rate from 90-95% globally, to less than 70% with our concept model and global expansion.

Ultimately, we believe any business involved with Incubator X will be 100% successful.

Essentially reducing the business failure rate to 0% for any participants involved within our platform.

We understand you may have questions.

Is this a joke? How is this possible?

No joke. And surprisingly, it’s relatively simple.

Intelligently and systematically reducing expenses to fundamentally zero during incubation and development.

Wisely considering history, ideology, philosophy, education and experience during the entire process. Plus a combination of other essential elements.

All this gives the Incubator X concept that all important X factor.

It’s the ultimate platform for success in life, and in business.