the ultimate debranded experience

Melbourne. Kyiv. Vilnius. Helsinki. Oslo. Prague. Riga. Stockholm. Warsaw.

The Restaurant.

RooRest will be a contemporary, modern, stylish, versatile, cosmopolitan experience, serving simple and delicious international cuisine.

Encompassing a philosophy second to none, and of course a little of the relaxed and friendly Australian culture mixed in.

But that’s not all.


Debranding of the entire environment including products will allow visitors to truly appreciate the minimal atmosphere, first class service, simplified menu (changing regularly), setting a quality benchmark for restaurants to follow.

We believe in an unforgettable restaurant dining experience.

It shouldn’t be a copy and paste variation of another. Nor be saturated with brands, televisions, loud music, advertising, haughty design and decoration, or ridiculously large menus.

It should be subtle and inviting, without excess.

Our Master Plan.

Gourmet international cuisine, unique wine selections and company produced beverages matching courses perfectly. Co-operation with Australian and local tourism for travel advice and recommendations when established abroad.

Showcasing live events including:

Lifestyle and healthy living, fitness, cooking shows performed by international celebrities, wine tastings, cooking classes, plus live music supporting young and promising local artists or students in need of exposure.

3 Course Example.


Purée of zucchini and lime soup with caramelized onions over mini smoked bratwurst.

Entrée: Purée of zucchini and lime soup


Ricotta filled beetroot ravioli served with soft roasted pecans and a truffle oil glaze.

Main: Ricotta filled beetroot ravioli


Sweetened carrot, ginger and chilli sorbet.

Dessert: Sweetened carrot, ginger and chilli sorbet

Simplicity is Key.

We’re going back to the very basics. Fundamentally appreciating the simple things and what should be considered most important in this fast world of distraction we live in today.

The RooRest signature is on the way.

The Resort.

With the future carefully considered and following the success of the restaurant we endeavor to find the perfect location for the RooRest Resort in the future.

Incorporating the same simple philosophy, it will be a spectacular place to relax and regenerate in a pristine, beautiful, peaceful and picturesque environment.