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MoBizinfo was created and developed with a primary goal in mind, to provide the premier online resource (go to guide and directory) for finding accurate and reliable business information throughout Ukraine – delivered in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.

Including a simple, fast and easy way to find the precise location of an existing business via simple search options, mapping, and mobile device compatibility for ease of use.

Our Research.

Collected and analysed over a substantial period of time. We not only researched Ukraine, but other developed countries, including USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and many European states.

Reviewing what countries do well, and how they could improve the business environment and information for everyone.

During our extensive research we discovered fundamental and basic flaws when searching for business information.

The ease of finding quality and accurate information varied incredibly. Ranging from good, average, poor, to non existent. With the majority not provided in a user friendly way.

Most notably, premium quality was rarely found.

This included the information provided by the most popular social platforms, map and search providers like Google.

Inaccurate information doesn’t help anyone and can be very frustrating when one discovers a business doesn’t exist, or is mapped to the wrong location. As we found common place with Google Maps.

The MoBizinfo Mission.

To provide the most comprehensive, reliable and informative online database of local businesses throughout Ukraine.

Giving all businesses, consumers, and the Ukrainian community the opportunity to support each other for greater overall success.

Not only success in business, but success as a country, for the future.

Assisting consumers looking for a business service can increase visitors and traffic to a business, providing more promotional and selling opportunities for greater business and economic success. Locally and nationally.

Future Benefits.

Giving Ukrainians the opportunity to support each other in business helps to improve business services plus promote economic activity, which is fundamentally beneficial to everyone.

It can also help to remove the stigma of selfish attitudes within the business culture, allowing people to understand that a successful neighbour reinforces the collective success for all.

With improved business services, the benefits are not only for the local community in Ukraine, but also for those traveling to Ukraine from abroad.

Providing comprehensive business information in English simply increases this interaction with visitors to Ukraine.

Additionally, this can also attract prospective business partners established abroad with reliable information for investment opportunities within Ukraine.